When your spouse drinks too much alcohol and too often, he or she could be at risk of developing alcohol abuse or alcoholism. Drinking alcohol can cause serious mental and physical health problems. Alcohol affects the brain and can lead to liver failure, heart attack, overdose, or death.

Here are seven signs that your spouse has a problem with alcohol:

  1. Drinking too much alcohol. If your spouse continues to drink despite how many he or she already had, they have problems with alcohol that can lead to alcohol abuse. Intervene with your loved one, but never use the word alcoholic or denial.
  2. Blacking out. If your spouse experiences a blackout, he or she has no recollection because the part of the brain that forms memories is impaired. A person who has a blackout when he or she drinks is at risk of having more blackouts, which could cause alcohol abuse or addiction.
  3. Neglecting responsibilities. When your spouse has an alcohol problem, he or she can neglect responsibilities such as paying the bills on time, cleaning the house, or caring for children.
  4. Lying about drinking. If your spouse lies about drinking alcohol or drinks secretly, he or she might have a drinking problem.
  5. Engaging in risky behavior. When your spouse is drinking too much, he or she can act impulsively and irresponsibly.
  6. Frequently late or absent for work. A person who has a drinking problem can experience a hangover the next day, causing him or her to be late for work or not go at all. A drinking problem can jeopardize your spouse’s job.
  7. Changes in personality. If you notice your spouse is more irritable, depressed, or anxious, he or she can have an alcohol problem. Sometimes a person who has a drinking problem will lose interest in activities he or she once enjoyed.

If you notice your spouse has a drinking problem, talk to him or her about treatment. Stay positive and encourage him or her to get help. Do not belittle or degrade your loved one. Support your spouse by attending group meetings to learn more about addiction and recovery.

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