Addiction is complex and changes every aspect of a person’s life. A successful recovery takes commitment, determination, and a positive outlook for your sobriety. When treatment ends, you will need to take some steps in early recovery to maintain a new, sober lifestyle.

Here are six important steps to take in early recovery to secure a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Develop and maintain a daily routine. Boredom can put you at risk for relapse in early recovery. Keep your mind busy with healthy, sober activities, interests, or hobbies to reduce the possibility of thinking about old habits of using drugs or alcohol. A daily routine increases productivity, improves sleep, and provides stability.
  2. Improve physical health. Abusing drugs or alcohol affects your physical health, appearance, and hygiene. Focus on improving your physical health as part of your daily routine. Exercise and a healthy diet will boost self-esteem and a sober lifestyle will restore physical health.
  3. Improve mental health. Mental health illnesses or problems can contribute to a person’s addiction. In early recovery, you can easily relapse due to mental health problems with depression, anxiety, or PTSD. Contact a mental health professional who can help with treatment, therapy, and medication if needed.
  4. Seek healthy activities. In early recovery, you will learn a lot about yourself without drugs or alcohol. Learn about your interests, hobbies, or other healthy activities you can explore. Keep a journal and write on a regular basis. Looking back on experiences and feelings can be very therapeutic and help with your recovery.
  5. Work on your relationships. Addiction destroys relationships with loved ones. Family and friends need to be able to trust you again. Keep communication open with loved ones and respect their boundaries.
  6. Attend group meetings. Maintain your commitment to attend group meetings on a regular basis. This is where you can establish new, sober relationships and share experiences with addiction. At group meetings, listen to others share their stories and learn about their early stages of recovery.

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