Methadone is a medication used to treat addiction to opioids such as painkillers and heroin. Methadone helps lessen withdrawal symptoms from opioid abuse. The withdrawals are less intense and the methadone provides a more comfortable detox experience. It is designed for short-term use to slowly wean a person off opioids.

Although methadone has been used in treatment for many years, it is a synthetic opioid and can become habit-forming. Methadone is an addictive substance and medical professionals sometimes recommend that a family member or caregiver provide the appropriate dose to their loved one. While methadone can be helpful for some people, it shares the risk of a person becoming addicted to it, and it replaces one drug for another. Over time, the individual could find it difficult to stop using the drug.

Suboxone is an alternative medication to treat opioid addiction and is a synthetic drug combination of naloxone and buprenorphine. Naloxone is a non-addictive medication administered to people who overdose from morphine, heroin, and other opioids.

Suboxone is used as an alternative for methadone. It does not have the high potential for abuse or addiction. A person who uses Suboxone for treatment is less likely to relapse and has a better outlook for a successful recovery. People with severe addictions to opioids might need to use Suboxone for long-term treatment.

Even though Suboxone is less addictive than methadone, there is still a risk of developing an addiction to it or even overdose. Suboxone can produce a high for some people and just like other opioids, it is prescribed but also sold illegally. Methadone is prescribed in a treatment program or certified clinic while Suboxone is prescribed in a doctor’s office. There really is no perfect replacement drug for addiction therapy and recovery treatment.

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