Addiction is treatable and recovery is a lifelong process. A person recovering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol must completely change his or her lifestyle. Friends who are associated with the person’s drug or drinking habits must be avoided. New friendships with sober people who engage in healthy activities can be found at group meetings.

A person in recovery goes through daily struggles to stay sober and will need encouragement and support to maintain sobriety. Drinking alcohol when your spouse is in recovery creates a temptation for him or her to relapse. Keeping alcohol in the house does not fit into your spouse’s new, healthy, and positive lifestyle.

Even light amounts of alcohol you drink can trigger your spouse. For your spouse’s health and recovery, keep alcohol out of sight and out of mind. Having alcohol at home increases the risk of your spouse drinking secretly. When some people drink secretly, they add water to the bottle of alcohol to make it seem like they never had any. Easy access to alcohol is too tempting for a person in recovery.

If your spouse prefers your home to be alcohol-free, you need to be willing to make that sacrifice. There will be times when your spouse will be around alcohol, such as special events, holidays, or occasions. Make sure there are plenty of non-alcoholic drinks available.

A person in recovery needs to avoid people, places, and things that relate to his or her days of drinking. An individual in recovery can feel guilty, depressed, and ashamed. Staying alcohol-free will keep your spouse’s mind off alcohol, make recovery easier, and show him or her your support and encouragement for a sober lifestyle.

Living with a spouse in recovery can be challenging, but with the right lifestyle changes, you can help in his or her life-long recovery. Help your spouse find healthy, sober activities he or she would enjoy. Alcohol is not needed to have fun. Recovery takes a lot of hard work and determination to stay sober.

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