Drug and alcohol addiction affects a person’s mental and physical health, finances, job productivity, and relationships. Loved ones suffer the consequences of drug and alcohol addiction. Children of parents with an addiction experience a wide range of emotions such as fear, sadness, and helplessness. The quality of life for children of parents with an addiction is deeply affected.

Children of parents with an addiction suffer many consequences. Drugs and alcohol change a person’s mood and emotions, so the parents can become irritable, irrational, angry, and explosive. Addiction can lead to verbal, emotional, and physical abuse. Children are vulnerable to a parent’s intoxicated and substance-fueled behavior.

When parents are addicted to drugs or alcohol, the children are significantly impacted. Drugs and alcohol take priority over everything, and children are neglected. Unfortunately, the children suffer the consequences of their parents’ addiction. A child needs to be nurtured, feel loved, get positive attention, and live in a safe environment to grow into a healthy, productive member of society. When children live in a home with parents who are addicted to substances, they are at high risk of abusing drugs and alcohol in adolescence and as young adults.

Drugs and alcohol can cause brain damage, liver failure, heart attack, stroke, and different forms of cancer. These substances can affect depression and anxiety, and increase symptoms of mental health conditions such as PTSD or ADHD. If a person with an addiction has an underlying mental health problem, can be evaluated by a medical professional who can treat the condition with therapy or medication if needed.

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