Addiction affects all areas of a person’s life. Drug and alcohol abuse is harmful to physical and mental health. Most addictions stem from underlying mental health problems. Addiction destroys relationships with loved ones and interferes with daily responsibilities. It leads to decreased productivity and job loss and causes drastic changes in mood and emotional stability. Drugs and alcohol take priority over everything.

Every person’s struggle with addiction is unique. Holistic treatment programs can be tailored to each individual. Each program is individualized while still incorporating the three main components of holistic treatment: physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. The holistic approach is successful because it focuses on the whole person. The body cannot heal physically without mental health and vice versa.  

Holistic treatment will help a person understand why they became addicted to drugs and alcohol in the first place, and find healthy alternatives to cope. All areas of a person’s life are affected by addiction. Simply ending the substance abuse is not good enough for a full recovery. The mind, body, and spirit need to be addressed simultaneously to heal every aspect of the individual’s life.

A person with an addiction needs to be removed from his or her old environment to demonstrate how life needs to be transformed to overcome addiction. Connections associated with the person’s addiction should be avoided. Eliminating distractions will help him or her focus on treatment and recovery.

Addiction damages relationships with loved ones and disrupts spiritual connections. Spiritual therapy repairs important connections to family, friends, and a higher power. These relationships give purpose in a person’s life.

If you or a loved one is struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction or chronic relapse, get help today. Cypress Lake Recovery specializes in holistic treatment for addiction and addictive behaviors with a focus on healing the mind, body, and spirit and finding a long-term solution. The staff at Cypress Lake Recovery is compassionate and committed to the overall health of every client. Recovery is possible and you can enjoy a new, fulfilling, substance-free lifestyle.

Cypress Lake Recovery specializes in addiction treatment and is located in a serene, remote, lush-green, oxygen enriched environment. The program encompasses holistic addiction therapy and offers yoga and meditation for the mind, body, and soul. The focus is on physical, mental, and emotional well-being by generating the balance of life-enriching treatment, wellness, and healthy, sober, sustainable relationships. Call us to get started: 409-331-2204