Drug and alcohol use covers up a person’s feelings. People who struggle with a drug or alcohol addiction often start using to cope with emotions and feelings such as stress, anxiety, or depression. After using drugs or alcohol for a long time, the brain becomes dependent on the substance to function.

When a person who is addicted to drugs or alcohol goes to treatment, he or she needs to adjust to a new substance-free lifestyle. Ending drug or alcohol use takes a lot of hard work and determination. After treatment ends, the individual will begin to feel the emotions that were once subdued by the effects of drugs or alcohol. This can put the person at high risk of relapse due to the intensity of emotions he or she feels.

In early recovery, feelings and emotions will resurface. The person can experience joy, sadness, and empathy in ways that can be overwhelming. Feelings that have a mental association with drugs or alcohol may trigger the urge to use. The individual needs to learn how to stay away from triggers and avoid familiar habits of using drugs or alcohol.

After years of responding to feelings or emotions by using, it will take time to break the association. Learning what feelings and emotions trigger the urge can help. Keeping a journal of the feelings and emotions will help the person become more aware of patterns and track progress throughout recovery.

A person in early recovery should use healthy coping skills. Walking, listening to music, reading, or playing with a pet helps to get through emotional triggers. Talking to sober, supportive friends can help a person cope with their emotions. People in group meetings can help during difficult times. When a person in early recovery is feeling triggered, he or she should call someone who can offer encouragement through challenging moments.

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