When a person stops using drugs, he or she can experience agonizing withdrawals. The painful and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms can influence the individual to use drugs again for relief. Withdrawals can last for up to three weeks and make a person physically sick. He or she feels they need their substance of choice to avoid withdrawals.  

Medication assisted detox is a method of recovery which reduces the severity of withdrawals and helps the person to eliminate any cravings for his or her drug of choice. Medication assisted detox has stirred up a lot of controversy because it replaces one drug with another to relieve withdrawals.

Opioids gained popularity in the late 1800s and early 1900s as a remedy for pain relief. During that time, not much was known about the addictive nature of the drug. A person can become easily addicted to opioids and turn to drugs with a higher potency, such as heroin.

Currently, we are in an opioid epidemic with overdoses happening more frequently. In an attempt to avoid more overdoses, medication assisted detox offers a more comfortable way to experience withdrawals.

Some emergency response officials in various jurisdictions are able to administer a medication called Narcan, an opiate antidote to save the lives of overdose victims. Medication assisted detox does have advantages:

  • A medical professional supervises the medication administered to the person with an addiction.
  • It lessens the excruciating pain caused by withdrawal symptoms. The person feels more comfortable and is more likely to follow through with treatment.
  • It helps medical professionals monitor the effects of its use.
  • The withdrawal time frame is reduced and can help accelerate recovery.

Medication assisted detox allows an individual with an addiction to move forward with treatment and recovery and avoid an overdose or death.


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