People of any race, religion, social status, age, or gender can become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Addiction does not discriminate and some people are more prone to addiction than others are. There are risk factors involved that increase the likelihood of a person developing an addiction to drugs and alcohol. Genetics, medical history, and environment are some of the risk factors involved.

Family history plays an important part in determining who develops an addiction. Genetics increase the chances of a person’s substance use turning into an addiction. The risk for addiction is very high if a blood relative has a drug and alcohol problem.

Environmental factors are also risks for substance abuse. A teen who lacks parental involvement or lives in an abusive home can turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with their emotions. Adolescents face peer pressure all the time and are easily influenced to experiment with substances to “fit in.” Alcohol is available in most social settings and to college students or other young people.

Mental health conditions such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and anxiety influence a person’s risk of developing an addiction. People use substances to cope, but certain drugs and alcohol actually increase depression and anxiety. Alcohol is a depressant and significantly amplifies a person’s depression. Prescription pills are often prescribed after an illness, injury, or surgery to manage a person’s pain and recovery. The problem with painkillers is some people develop an addiction to them.

Some drugs are more addictive than others. Drugs that are injected go directly into the bloodstream and brain and the effects of the drug are felt immediately as opposed to one that is swallowed. Drugs that are smoked also go directly to the brain and the effects are felt instantly.

A person without any of the risk factors can also become addicted at any time, however addiction can be avoided when you know the risk factors.

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