Communication is a key element to maintaining healthy relationships with others. It is important in any relationship to convey thoughts, ideas, and feelings. We communicate with co-workers, friends, partners, and even strangers. Addiction interferes with and damages relationships. Developing and maintaining healthy communication will help restore trust and avoid any misunderstandings.

Here are 5 strategies for healthy family communication:

  1. Stay positive. Resentment and anger toward the loved one with an addiction can be harmful to healthy communication.
  2. Be patient. It seems impossible to get back to a normal life. The life as it was before will happen, but it takes time to heal from the chaotic, uncontrollable life of addiction.
  3. Avoid shaming. Allow enough time to mend and do not shame the addict with negative comments and accusations. It can be harmful to someone who is trying to get help with his or her addiction. They already feel guilt, low self-esteem, and unworthy of forgiveness for their self-destructive, reckless behavior.
  4. Acknowledge accomplishments. Everyone loves recognition for his or her accomplishments, and this applies to a person on the path to recovery. Each step may seem minor, but for someone living with a complicated disease such as addiction, each step in the right direction is a major accomplishment. He or she deserves acknowledgement and commendation for each day of sobriety. One day is extremely difficult to get through for someone living with addiction.
  5. Be supportive. Loving-kindness will help your loved one’s recovery. Communicate your feelings to reinforce support. Family support shows the loved one that they are loved and relationships will strengthen in recovery.

A strategic communication plan makes the healing process more manageable for everyone and strengthens family relationships. Healthy communication is necessary for relationships and helps restore trust and honesty.

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