Detoxing from drugs and alcohol is not easy and could be deadly. There are too many health risks when detoxing at home. The best way to detox is with medical supervision at a treatment facility.

During detox, the body rids itself of all toxic substances. Depending on the substance type and use duration, withdrawal symptoms can be extremely severe and painful. A medical professional can prescribe medication to relieve symptoms, making the process more comfortable.

Never detox from alcohol at home or alone. Seek professional help. A person with an addiction can experience hallucinations and heart spasms during detox, which can be fatal. The detox process takes time. Sometimes people try to quit “cold turkey,” which means they suddenly stop using. Just like any drug, alcohol detox is a gradual process. Not everyone feels the same symptoms. The severity of withdrawals will vary depending on the duration of use, mental or psychological disorders, emotional stability, and physical conditions.

Drug detox must be done with medical counseling and supervision. Withdrawal symptoms are so severe that a person will become physically sick for days. In addition, the person living with an addiction will need professional counseling to adjust to a substance-free lifestyle. Painful withdrawals make it easier to relapse because the symptoms cease when using the substance.

People addicted to drugs, or alcohol should never be ashamed to seek help. It is a battle a person cannot and should not fight alone. They are not bad people. They have no control over their brain and body. Addicted individuals should always detox with the supervision of medical professionals. They can monitor the detox process and provide medication to alleviate symptoms, if necessary.

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