Everyone gets bored on occasion, but for a person recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, boredom increases the risk of relapse. Overcoming addiction is challenging, but staying occupied with healthy activities will lessen the risk of turning to drugs or alcohol. Staying active also promotes physical and mental health, which is important for a person’s recovery.  

Boredom is a result of the mind wanting to engage in stimulating activity. A person occupying his or her time with healthy interests can conquer boredom. Boredom can also lead to a person’s risky, harmful, and spontaneous behavior and actions.

In some cases, boredom leads to substance abuse. A person with no interest in healthy activities could turn to drugs or alcohol as an easy fix. When boredom becomes a habit, so does the substance abuse.

Treatment for drug or alcohol addiction allows a person to discover him or herself while they clear all toxins from their mind and live substance-free. In recovery, people, places, or things associated with the individual’s drug or alcohol abuse should be avoided to lessen the risk of relapse.

An individual in recovery has to retrain his or her brain to function without drugs or alcohol. The first several months of sobriety can be very difficult. A substance-free person can discover healthy activities and hobbies to avoid boredom. He or she can exercise, go to the gym, read, go out for walks, yoga, or participate in sports or book clubs to prevent boredom. The person can connect with sober friends or family members and spend time with them. He or she can work on damaged relationships caused by their drug or alcohol addiction.

Boredom can lead to destructive and harmful behavior in adolescents. A young teen who is bored turns to drugs and alcohol as a way to stimulate his or her mind. Everyone faces boredom occasionally, but by seeking healthy activities and interests, the temptation to use drugs or alcohol lessens.

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