Cypress Lake Recovery is proud to announce the integration of Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery to our residential treatment program. This groundbreaking virtual reality program was designed by Dr. Phil and his team of researchers, behavioral scientists, and other professionals specifically to aid in the reduction of recidivism often experienced in recovery from addiction.

When your loved one is finally willing and ready to go to treatment for addiction, you want to make sure they are given every tool possible for living the best life possible. An underlying theme for most of the therapeutic applications used in treatment is identifying problematic behaviors, as well as thought processes. By next identifying what causes these problems, residents are empowered to work toward permanent solutions. Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery virtual reality program is the perfect tool for assisting Cypress Lake Recoverys residents in their journey to recovery.


What is the Path to Recovery Virtual Reality Program?

Imagine having the opportunity to sit face to face with one of the most recognizable faces in psychology, Dr. Phil McGraw, most popularly known as Dr. Phil. A best-selling author, a revered guest on shows like Oprah, and the host of the Dr. Phil Show for more than 15 years, Dr. Phil is known for a no-nonsense approach to serving individuals the wake up calls they need in other to change their life. As residents of a treatment facility like Cypress Lake Recovery, a wake up call, as well as impactful and effective therapeutic applications, comes at no better time.

Residents utilize virtual reality technology by putting on a VR headset where they are introduced to Dr. Phil. The program consists of 29 exercises, each exercise consisting of two parts. First, Cypress residents will get to have “one on one” time through a “sit down” with Dr. Phil himself. From various locations, including the stage of his #1 nationally rated show or his private office, Dr. Phil will help the residents identify the keys to achieving the life of their dreams, beyond addiction. With Dr. Phil’s 45 years of experience, wisdom, compassion, and expertise, residents gain an immense amount of insight. Given a fresh perspective change, residents walk away from each session with Dr. Phil with the inspiration needed for the rest of their rehabilitation.

Accompanying the virtual reality sessions with Dr. Phil are workbook exercises. Each exercise helps residents target any thought processes which might inhibit their ability to live a happy, successful life. After in-depth work in the workbook, residents take their reflections to their individual therapist or one of their many group therapy facilitators for processing.