We live in a world full of technology that gives us easy access to just about anything. Most people have cell phones, tablets, and laptops for work, school, or just for communicating with loved ones. Social media connects us to family and loved ones near and far, old friends, and classmates. Many people use the Internet for gaming but when done excessively and uncontrolled, it can lead to a gaming addiction.

A gaming addiction causes adverse effects on mental health. A person with a gaming addiction exhibits excessive gaming behavior that takes precedence over other life interests, responsibilities, and loved ones. When a person has a gaming addiction, his or her control over gaming is impaired and he or she continues the behavior despite any consequences.

Many games that are played online involve avatars or characters created by the player. This acts as an escape from the real world, into a fantasy world by allowing the person to be someone other than his or herself. Sometimes, players meet other people or characters to interact with during games, which can evolve into an online relationship.

Gaming limits real-world human interaction and gives the player a false sense of security. In-person interaction with people beyond cyberspace is important for the development of relationships, nurturing mental health, and learning to be a productive member of society. Teens are at high risk of developing a gaming addiction, which can affect mental and physical health. A gaming addiction drastically reduces physical movement and can contribute to a person’s bad eating habits. People with a gaming addiction often skip meals or binge on unhealthy food, in large amounts.

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