A person must go through detox before entering a treatment program to remove all toxic substances from the person’s body. Treatment will be ineffective if a person’s mind is clouded with drugs or alcohol. An open, clear mind will help transition from treatment to a successful recovery. There are different detox models to choose from, and depending on what drug was used, duration of use, and cost of the detox, there are options to suit each individual prior to a treatment program.

All treatment programs require a person to detox. Toxins must be eliminated prior to treatment. Sometimes, detox is medically supervised. Symptoms of withdrawal from drugs and alcohol can be very painful and a person goes through a range of emotions.

Withdrawals can cause irritability, depression, anxiety, and sleeplessness and make the person physically sick. He or she may experience flu-like symptoms. Never try to detox at home or alone. The withdrawals can be extremely severe and a medical professional can administer medication if needed.

Medical detox is performed under the supervision of a physician or other medical professional. Medication can be used to ease the symptoms of withdrawal and make the person more comfortable. Once a patient is stabilized and toxin-free, he or she is able to enter a treatment program where they can get help for the transition to a new life in recovery.

Choosing the right detox method depends on how heavily the individual does drugs or consumes alcohol. A person who goes to detox repeatedly after relapse will need a higher level of care than someone in detox for the first time. Detox is not an easy process to go through but is an important part of an addicted individual’s recovery process.

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