Prescription drugs and opioids are used for pain management and are prescribed by a medical professional. Despite the intended use, many people misuse the medication and take more than directed. Prescription drugs and opioids can be very addictive, and for that reason, doctors and pharmacists emphasize the importance of taking the medication as prescribed.

The misuse of prescription drugs and opioids has led to an opioid epidemic resulting in a national health crisis. Opioid-related overdoses and deaths are occurring at an alarming rate as more people develop an opioid addiction. The availability of ordering opioids online is concerning, especially with the current opioid abuse health crisis. When a person buys drugs online from an illegal source, there is no way to tell what fillers are used in the drug. For example, some contain household chemicals, artificial fillers, other more potent drugs, or other substances. The medication can also be contaminated or counterfeit.

The in-person dealers are less likely to supply tampered substances because they want to keep your business. Many in-person dealers know their buyers personally and want the buyers to keep coming back. The online drug sources do not care about their buyers because they can easily replace them. Avoid buying illegal drugs anywhere and only buy legally with a prescription.

Never share prescription medication or painkillers with anyone. Not only is it illegal, sharing painkillers can cause health complications if that person is on other medication. Also, the person you share with may be struggling with an opioid addiction and providing medication will only fuel their addiction.

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