Treatment prepares you for a lifestyle change in recovery. During treatment, you will develop a plan with help from professionals to live substance-free. The recovery plan will help you avoid triggers, maintain a healthy diet, sustain emotional wellness, and discover healthy activities in recovery.

Each treatment program is tailored to fit each person’s needs. Whatever a person learns and does in treatment can be used in recovery. Exercise, yoga, reading, and other activities can be integrated into life after treatment.

Recovery Planning

  • Plan healthy living. In treatment, you will learn how to live healthy by making healthy choices. Eat nutritional foods, exercise regularly, discover healthy activities, and get support from sober people in group therapy.
  • Avoid triggers. Recognize your triggers and develop a plan to avoid them. Stay away from people associated with your addiction and places that remind you of using substances. Triggers can cause intense cravings and relapse.
  • Keep a journal. Keeping a journal is useful for writing down feelings and experiences you have during recovery. It allows you to reflect on how you handled difficult times through the course of recovery. The journal also keeps track of your success and encourages your sobriety.

What can I take with me after treatment?

Listen and pay attention to everything in treatment so you can apply what you learned to your lifelong recovery. Continue to attend group meetings after treatment. Sometimes new friendships develop through group meetings. Also, you are not alone. People in group meetings are very supportive and are willing to talk to you when you feel intense cravings. The person can talk to you to keep your mind busy and eliminate thoughts of using.


When treatment is over, you will discover healthy activities to participate in and make new, sober friendships. Exercise is proven to increase mood and maintain mental and physical wellness. Join a gym or yoga class. These activities keep you busy, active, healthy and are fun. Many healthy activities are beneficial for your sobriety in recovery. Seek your interests and get the best out of a substance-free life.

There are so many things to enjoy in a sober lifestyle. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, get help today. Do not wait another day. You can save a life.

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