People who are in recovery from marijuana addiction may say that what is most missed is the escape of the drug. When stress gets to be too much, it is easy to crave something that feels good such as smoking marijuana. Addiction recovery can provide tips for how to avoid relapse. Try the following to help get on the right path to recovery.

Tips to Get Started

Try these following tips to avoid a marijuana relapse. Recovery is a journey that is built day by day, step by step. These tips are just one way to get started and may be helpful on the journey forward.

Get rid of paraphernalia.

The last thing you want is to come back home and find all the old paraphernalia, bowls, papers, etc lying around. The temptation to use will increase the longer those items sit around the apartment, house, room, or wherever those items happen to be.

Stop the fights.

Arguments and conflict are a common trigger for relapse of marijuana use. Seek out ways to bring peaceful resolution to situations rather than increase conflict. It can be easy to fly off the handle but much harder to stay focused, present, and calm.

Try yoga.

Many people say there is peaceful, relaxing feelings associated with yoga. Give it a try and see if it brings up the same feelings. It can take time to adjust to a new routine so give it space to work its magic.

Try new work route.

Changing some details will keep things interesting. Avoiding boredom will help because loneliness or boredom may lead to relapse.

Leave if uncomfortable.

Don’t stay where the welcome feels worn out or if it gets uncomfortable. It is best to not stay in a situation that makes a person feel like it can be easy to relapse.

Make new friends.

Don’t hang with the old buddies who still smoke marijuana and make it easy to miss using. Find new friends who are clean and sober.

Delegate stressful activities.

If paying bills brings on feelings of relapse, ask a loved one to help take it over for the time being (as well as any other stress-inducing activities).

Find new places to go.

Look for new coffee shops, bookstores, movie theaters, and restaurants that are interesting rather than going to the same places.

Rearrange furniture.

Make life as different as possible to avoid evoking old memories. Rearrange furniture, move the chairs and couches around and make things feel new.

Attend a group or 12-step meeting.

Nothing quite helps feelings of relapse like being around positive, sober people who are interested in staying clean and sober.

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