Smoked Vicodin is often less effective than taken orally but can have dangerous side effects for people who abuse it in this way. The truth about smoking Vicodin is that it is risky and not recommended. Find out why this is and how to seek help for any signs of addiction to Vicodin.

What Happens

When a person smokes Vicodin, a euphoric ‘high’ is produced, which can result in Vicodin abuse or addiction, even with a legitimate prescription. Vicodin is intended to be taken orally, and attempting to smoke Vicodin pills is considered abuse. Although unlikely to produce a high, it is not really effective and can have serious complications for people who choose to use it in this way.

Effects of Smoking Vicodin

The effects of smoking Vicodin start with allowing small amounts of the drug to enter the bloodstream through the nasal passages and lungs. This can lead to a very fast effect on the brain including inhalation of the fillers and binders in Vicodin pills. The constant irritation of the eyes, respiratory system, and lungs can eventually lead to illness. Some common side effects may include:

  • Dizziness or drowsiness
  • General weakness
  • Nervousness and agitation
  • Nausea, stomach upset, and vomiting

Smoking Vicodin with Marijuana

Often people who smoke Vicodin seek to combine the high with some other drugs. One of those drugs, marijuana, can produce a dangerous combination of effects that depress the central nervous system. Vicodin can impact a person’s coordination and judgment which, overall, can open up a person to having more accidents or getting hurt. A person may also have difficulty breathing by trying to combine the two drugs together.

Smoking Vicodin is not just bad for a person but can have a negative impact on a person’s health now and in the future. The medication may not be as effective as prescribed but if a person is using a prescription drug illegally to smoke for a high, this can also lead to legal implications down the road. There is less likelihood to have any benefits from Vicodin now or in the future but also this is not a great drug to smoke as it can harm overall health. Smoking anything can be harmful, and it is important to note that a person who thinks addiction to smoking illegal drugs or using prescription medication in a way that was not intended may be at risk for many other things like losing employment due to addiction and needs further help.

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