Meth is a highly addictive drug that is a stimulant, altering the brain and creating heightened senses of pleasure. People who use meth will have increased energy levels and raised mood. Other physical changes can also occur, a few of them are more prominent such as memory loss and severe tooth decay. Seeking help as soon as possible for meth addiction can help combat the negative side effects and support recovery.

How to Help

Though highly addictive, it is possible to quit using crystal meth and recover. High dosage consumption is done typically to keep cravings at bay, which can feel overwhelming and powerful. Several treatment stages are needed to help a person with crystal meth addiction overcome the desire to use. The main treatments may include:

Withdrawal treatment

During withdrawal or detox, methamphetamine is removed from the body. Abstaining from the drug throws the body into withdrawal for approximately 7-10 days. Excessive hunger may occur including craving for the drug followed by depressive symptoms. Typically these symptoms decline 1-2 weeks following cessation of meth use.

Physical stabilization

After the initial withdrawal treatment follows post-acute withdrawal STAGE or PAWS. although physical symptoms may vary, psychological and emotional symptoms may increase. Doctors may prescribe anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medications. To increase chances of success, it helps to engage in a sport or hobby or to keep busy with life-building activities that are positive.

Psychological crystal meth addiction treatment

Self-control and self-esteem building are key parts of psychological treatment for crystal meth addiction. When an individual is empowered to make right choices and wise decisions, change can occur. Several therapies have been utilized to help in this regard which reinforces crystal meth abstinence such as contingency management (CM), motivational enhancement therapy (MET) and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).

Seeking Help

Fighting addiction to crystal meth is serious and requires attention right away. Getting help requires personal and professional support. Family and friends are key at this time as they will advocate unconditionally with love and concern for the person’s wellbeing. They can also serve as great inspiration and motivation on the way to living a life free of meth. Help can be found elsewhere if family and friends prove difficult in this area. Social workers are also a great next line of defense when it comes to battling addiction. They are great for providing services and referrals for treatment. Healthcare professionals can help a person seek treatment and provide resources for treatment. Therapists and counselors can walk a person through treatment to recovery and beyond. It is key to get a team of people to support an individual walking through the journey of treatment, aftercare, and recovery from addiction to crystal meth.

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