Fear is a powerful motivator but can also motivate people to move in the wrong direction. Learning to grow is important because it creates space for opportunity. People can be trained to understand that things which people fear may come true (addiction, loss, etc). Ultimately, this story can create more fear. The old ways of the past are behind but they can continue to haunt people long into adulthood. When the past limits the present and future, it can feel like a real hindrance. Living a fully engaged life means learning from the past and figuring out when to let go and move forward.

5 Steps Forward

Moving forward is key in recovery. These five steps can help propel an individual and their family forward, away from fear, toward success.

Face the fear

Learning to face the fear means asking ‘why.’ The resistance of something new, or an unwillingness to take on a different challenge, can be further explored as to the root cause. It doesn’t mean a person has to change their mind as long as the person gets to a point of understanding what the fear is and facing it.

Explain it

Explain the fear the way another person might if that person asked for advice. Try to be a third party in the conversation and find a way to explain it simply and in a straightforward manner.

Have an argument

Play the advocate for the other side and ask some questions: does this make sense? Why does this fear persist? Is it actually true today or is it a false narrative? Is there evidence to support this fear?


Taking the learning’s from numbers one through three, look at where it came from and whether or not it is still true. Based on this, make a decision. If it doesn’t fit, throw it out. Reject it now. If it is an old habit, apply new logic and principles of living. Replace old fear with what is true right now.

Work with it

Fear may still be a part of life right now but that is okay. There is work to be done that won’t happen overnight. Release judgment and receive what is true right now. Accept the things that cannot change now and work to change what can be changed. Acknowledge it and ask for support in letting go.

We understand fear and how much it can hold you back in recovery. Cypress Lakes has therapists ready to help you tackle the fear head on so you can move forward and stop looking back. Call us to find out how we can help you develop a growth mindset focused on truth and the present moment. 866-217-2636