Dating is a challenge for anybody with all the pressures involved, whether it be personal or outside influences such as the media, friends, and family. Finding a person with similar shared interests, figuring out where to spend time together and what to do can be challenging for anyone, but especially for those in recovery. Taking the time to compile a list of fun and sober date ideas can help along with some other tips for how to date sober and not feel conflicted on how to move forward while having (sober) fun.

Beach or Pool

Beaches and pools provide an awesome opportunity to get to know a person in an environment that is free of alcohol or drugs. Finding time to soak up the sun, take a dip in the water, and even walk along the beach or waterside can get conversation flowing. It is hard to get bored while being near water for many people. It brings out a sense of playfulness and fun while also giving opportunity to connect with other couples or groups of friends to make the situation less intimidating.

Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are not just for millennials or other people who want to sip a latte and think about philosophy. They are becoming a great place for people to connect in a no-pressure environment, engage in light conversation, and maybe hang out in a space that is fun and alcohol free. Seating can be indoors or outdoors, and with lots of foot traffic it can be a fun place to people watch or engage in lively conversation.


Many places in the United States provide hiking trails through beautiful landscapes. Taking the opportunity to stumble upon some breathtaking scenes can provide a space to talk and reflect about lots of things. Seeing something new from a different point of view can be great fun for people who like to hike new trails or try different things (including letting one’s guard down to open up to others).

Rental Equipment

Lots of places offer a variety of things to rent including bikes (and bicycles for two), Segway machines, scooters, skates, surfboards, paddleboards and much more that can be fun ways to interact with someone while having a fun time indoors or outside. Depending on what people enjoy, it can be low or high impact. The fun part is finding ways to spend time together that are sober and relaxing without the pressure that comes from always sitting across from someone and having to talk.

Whatever way a person finds to spend time dating, there are many sober activities that can bring enjoyment and fulfillment without the need for alcohol or drugs. Finding those can be the key to successfully dating and meeting new people.


Cypress Lakes provides opportunities to grow and explore yourself so that when you are ready you can make the choice to date people down the road in recovery. When you focus on your self development, it is possible to find someone to date later who will know who you are as a person and be interested in what you have to offer. Learning this is a skill and we can help teach you how to become more confident and self-assured in your recovery. Call us to find out how we can help you get started: 866-217-2636