Adventure-based therapy programs are growing in numbers across the country because they incorporate recreation into treatment. People love to get outdoors and science shows nature has a positive impact on mental and physical health. Even if a program is not fully nature-based, there are positive benefits to finding a program that provides space to get outdoors and experience nature.

Why Hiking Helps

Outdoor activities like hiking can help develop agility physically along with mental awareness of the self. Self-esteem and confidence are also higher in people who take time to go outdoors and hike. Being clear of distractions, free of the stress life brings can provide myriad benefits. Outdoor pursuits provide people with landscape but it is the person with boots on the ground doing the hiking that experiences the fullness of transformation that comes from putting one foot in front of the other outside.

How Hiking Helps

Challenges in recovery will come up and there need to be resources that help focus on positive, lasting change. Hiking is a great supplement to any addiction treatment program because of how the activity helps individuals connect with nature while developing teamwork, a healthier approach to control, responsibility for one’s actions, and the understanding of consequences. Mindfulness is another healing pathway that is opened up by hiking outdoors. While outdoors, a person can experience lots of benefits including:

  • Personal growth and development
  • Opening up to others and the self
  • Become unguarded and open to feelings
  • Capacity for authenticity grows
  • Enjoyment of and appreciation for nature which builds health and wellness

Why it Matters

Hiking and doing adventure therapy have great rewards but it is only as good as the person who implements it on a regular basis. Having it as part of a recovery and aftercare plan can be critical to the success of recovery for some people. Even if an individual does not like hiking much, getting outside for walks to breathe fresh air can provide quiet space to reflect and give room for transformational growth and change. Hiking means different things for different people. Some like short distance, some long distance, and yet others enjoy little bursts here and there throughout the week. Give it a try and see how it might fit into a healing recovery plan.


Cypress Lakes provides space for you to enjoy nature and the outdoors at our treatment space. We believe the mind, body, spirit approach is best when treating your addiction. If you want to grow and change, we will help you get there: 866-217-2636