If a loved one has attended a drug rehab program and completed it successfully, it is a huge accomplishment. While in treatment, the tools a person needs are provided to help the individual stay clean and sober. Relapse prevention plans are developed and then aftercare plans are made. The journey just begins after treatment ends. Addiction relapse is common but that does not mean it has to happen. Find some helpful tips to avoid addiction relapse.

Avoid Tempting Situations

If a person wants to prove their mettle, it is certainly on the proving grounds of addiction recovery and places that trigger use. While it may be easy to avoid temptation in some places, there are other instances it will not be so easy. If a person steers clear of any situation where temptation may occur this can be helpful but it is not always a possibility to stay away from any and all situations where emotional triggers may occur.

Develop Support Network

Addiction can be an isolating situation which makes it important to develop a support network of family, friends, and loved ones who support sober living. Staying away from people who actively engage in substance use is critical for support of a substance-free lifestyle. It is important to have healthy people who will be able to support the journey of recovery going forward. It may help to delete numbers, change profiles on social networking sites, and work on creating a healthier support network.

Create a Healthy Schedule

It is often encouraged for people to create a daily schedule before leaving treatment. The schedule usually includes time for treatment and meetings, necessary activities such as work and family time, activities of daily living, and free time. Creating a schedule is a great way to develop a new and healthy routine.

Don’t Be Complacent

When complacency takes place, it can be very dangerous. Many people are motivated after completing inpatient treatment to continue with an aftercare program. This also helps develop a support network and make other strides in recovery. Motivation starts to dwindle over time. As progress continues, the person may no longer deem recovery efforts necessary. Everyone has to find what works but stick with it and continue to make it work.

Relapse is Not Failure

Relapse is ultimately not a failure. This type of thinking will help keep a person sick. If a person were able to stay clean and sober, it will happen again. Reach out and ask for help. Begin working a recovery program that helps process emotions and leads to healthy recovery focus. It is the only way to move forward.


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