Sobriety is easier than people think but many fail at it. The majority of people will relapse within just a few weeks of recovery. Building a life away from addiction is a daily struggle. Embracing what is easy rather than what is hard about it can help build a mindset for success.

Why it Seems Hard

There are many reasons why sobriety seems like such a struggle to some people. Believing the myth that sobriety is hard can lead to challenges in recovery.  Some of the myths about recovery being hard might include:

  • Relapse can happen due to blame and shame
  • Significant changes need to happen and sometimes it takes awhile and gets frustrating
  • Ambivalence about recovery
  • Dual diagnosis challenges
  • Always feeling on the verge of relapse and being triggered

Recovery Without Struggle

Even if people believe the myth that addiction recovery is hard, it does not come without a struggle either way. It is a hard won fight. It does not have to become a daily struggle. If a person finds ways to manage feelings and experiences, it can be transformative rather than such a difficult proposition. A person must be willing and motivated to change what needs to change and struggle through the daily challenges. If a person wants to go through recovery and not struggle so much, it takes some perseverance and determination. Some ways to try and take an easier road in recovery include finding lots of support for the journey:

  • Find a treatment and rehab center that will provide tools and resources to help with the struggle
  • Get rid of ambivalence towards recovery and focus on the fact drinking and using drugs is not an option.
  • Build an attitude around gratitude and focus on the desire and passion for sober living rather than live in the past thinking about how life was before sobriety
  • Become aware of personal triggers and develop positive strategies to cope
  • Take control and responsibility for recovery and sobriety
  • Find an effective support network
  • Help other people in recovery by offering experience as a means of support
  • Have a positive outlook now and in the future rather than seeing all the challenges
  • Ignore relapse stats
  • Find treatment for underlying dual diagnosis where necessary

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