Individuals in recovery from addiction sometimes need help managing things like relapse prevention. A healthy lifestyle promotes healing the mind and body together. Recognizing triggers, avoiding high-risk situations and communication are important elements of healing in recovery while also promoting fun. Learn some tips to promote a healthier lifestyle in recovery.

Recognize Triggers

The urge to use alcohol or drugs can come up anytime in recovery. Getting involved in activities can help push triggers to the background. External triggers such as people, places or things associated with addictive behavior will need to be avoided. Internal triggers such as the urge to drink or use out of thin air, negative thoughts and emotions need to be dealt with more positively.

Avoid High-Risk Situations

The best strategy to prevent drinking or doing drugs is avoidance. Do not buy or use alcohol in the home for any reason. Avoid social situations where alcohol is served and avoid stopping by the old places where things used to happen while drinking or using drugs. Avoid hanging around those old buddies who may still be at those places or doing those behaviors to avoid relapse.


The best way to be healthy is learn how to communicate with loved ones. Right after rehab recovery begins and that journey takes many steps. Communicating effectively will mean not only expressing views calmly but listening to others who are concerned and focusing on how to get better.

Find Support

Surround oneself with people who build confidence and self-esteem. Without support it is difficult to make positive changes. The availability of healthy social networking is vital in early recovery. Support groups make a huge difference if that helps a person and finding loved ones who bring positive energy helps as well in maintaining sobriety.

Healthy Diet

Being healthy means building a healthy mind and body. Macro and micro nutrient deficiencies can lead to depression and hydration is critical to this process as well. To give the body the best chance at recovery, it needs all the resources it can get to stay strong. Eating foods high in protein, fish, legumes, nuts and other types of foods will help build immunity and stay strong for the recovery journey.

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