Commonly, people in recovery believe that overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction should allow a person to indulge in sweets, fats and junk food. Evidence suggests eating habits may be hindering a person more than helping in recovery. Learn some healthy eating tips that can help provide a positive pathway for recovery.

Double Trouble

The nutritional dilemma faced by people in recovery comes from having ingested alcohol and drugs over the course of time. Alcohol can impede nutrient breakdown and assimilation, leading to nutritional deficiencies. Stimulants suppress the appetite which can lead to an insufficient intake of calories and nutrients. A person consumed by addiction is less likely to eat healthy foods or take care of the body over taking in drugs or alcohol. Proper nutrition needs to be part of a healthy recovery program.

Healing with Food

Nutrition and food can be very healing for the immune system, building and repairing organ tissue and strengthening other parts of the body. Nutrition helps play a role in mood, boosting the brain and support positive thinking. Serotonin is tied to the consumption of certain foods which can enhance mood as well. Recovering from addiction takes a toll but the proper food can heal the soul and body for the journey of recovery.

Role of Amino Acids

The role of amino acids promotes positive feelings in the brain. The connection between neurotransmitters and addiction results in the ability of drugs and alcohol to impact them but food can be healing. Amino acids, the building blocks of protein, are precursors to neurotransmitters supporting positive mood and food or supplements can be very helpful in recovery.

Nutritional Guidelines

When nutritional guidelines are set out for people in recovery, it can help to build a foundation from which to start eating healthy. Eliminating sugar is high on the list as is incorporating whole grains into the diet. Elimination of processed foods and sugars can really boost positive energy. Increased protein can help along with evenly disbursed mealtimes and eating breakfast in the morning. Staying healthy through exercise during the day and eating snacks between meals with nuts, fiber and protein can keep blood sugar from crashing which causes sugar cravings to go up.


Finding healthy food like fish, chicken, lean meat and veggies will help build a great support system from which the body can build back to a healthy balance following addiction. Drinking lots of water will also help keep the body hydrated on a daily basis.


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