Getting clean and sober is not the same as staying clean and sober. People in recovery from addiction must be aware that recovery is a journey and is happening moment by moment, day by day. The start of recovery requires hard work in the form of focused, intentional work. Try some of the following tips to help get started on ways to get (and stay) sober:

Eliminate Old Associations

This may be one of the harder aspects of recovery; learning to let go of old friends. The most important tool a person has in their recovery toolbelt is learning to eliminate associations with people who reminded them of using drugs.

Seek Professional Help

Most people do not think help is needed to overcome addiction but people cannot overcome this on their own. Keep in mind that addiction changes the way a person’s brain and body function. It is not as easy as just saying a person will quit; professional help can truly save a person’s life.

Stay Away from Negativity

Surrounding oneself with positive people can help build an atmosphere that is supportive for recovery. Regardless of who a person is, if that person is not positive, it is not helpful. The friend who looks for a fight or the person having drama on a constant basis will only drag others down. Sober living is about healthy living and keeping positive energy high.

Outsource Money Management

Finances are likely a huge mess after addiction takes over a person’s life. It is not a great time to try and handle things alone. With trusted loved ones, another person can take control of money and support an individual to focus on handling money better, which will increase over time with the longer a person is in recovery.

Stay Busy

Having time to oneself is not a bad thing but staying busy can really help a person feel connected to life and away from thinking too much about recovery. In the beginning stages of recovery this is important to keep the mind busy from wandering which is a trigger for relapse.

Keep busy but keep focused on the goal: recovery. Every day is a new day to start over and there will be ups and downs. Recovery is about one day at a time, focusing on the positive and taking some tips and resources into the journey to help buffer oneself from the challenges while maintaining a positive perspective.


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