The willingness to forgive can resolve some root issues which can cause addiction to rage out of control. The first key to addiction recovery is focus on forgiveness of self and others in order to move forward. Dealing with what a person has done and coping with what happened to a person are two sides of making amends that can build self confidence for a healthier recovery journey.

Letting Wounds Go

Getting started by looking at a person’s wounds is the first step to forgiveness. There are ways to achieve this and, over time, a person will not feel the wounds as deeply but it takes some steps in a process to get there.

  • Understanding another person’s perspective
  • Forgiveness of everyone
  • Speaking truth in love


The key to resolution and reconciliation of further conflict is understanding and perspective. People hurt others who have been hurt themselves (pretty much everyone). Understanding a person’s perspective in a situation will help curb hurt feelings and many times it can help to let go. When someone pushes others away it can be a sign of unresolved trauma and conflict. Allowing oneself to trust others can help everyone learn to love others and treat them with respect.


Two things can happen when a person forgives. This is a gift to the self to move on in harmony and peace for the future and the other is releasing others from judgment. An atmosphere of resolution can help a person find inner peace rather than stay rooted in bitterness, stress and unforgiveness.

Speaking Truth to Power

Speaking the truth in love has lots of power. It takes practice and learning to move forward and it is vital to approach someone in love who has been offended. Gentle words can turn away wrath by approaching people in love and they may just respond in kind.

Eye for Eye

An eye for an eye is not forgiveness, it is spiteful and not helpful when seeking to move forward with a healthy recovery. The very act of kindness and doing good is helpful for people which requires humility and going out of one’s way to be helpful. This willingness shows concern and love for the other person.

Resolving the Past

The most important pathway to resolution is to go to the people who have been wronged and seek resolution. If that person does not listen, try to bring others with who can help bring resolution. There is power and numbers but sometimes it just takes distance and time to heal some wounds. Don’t be surprised if a person is not ready to forgive and needs more time. The most important thing is the act of going to another person and asking, even if it means waiting a time for the response.

Cypress Lakes provides space to recover from addiction and heal wounds. We teach life skills such as learning to ask and receive forgiveness. It can be a difficult process but we will walk alongside you as you journey forward. Healing begins when you are willing to face the past, ask forgiveness and seek the path forward. We will help you get there. Call us to get started: 866-217-2636