Self-discipline is such a great tool to have in recovery. Finding happiness requires effort and persistence along with a healthy dose of self-discipline to succeed. When things come too easily it feels harder to be humble and grateful. Falling into addiction may cost an individual everything but the trial and tribulation can be good proving ground for how to refocus on what is important.

Get Disciplined

The term self-discipline means different things to different people. Some individuals view it as the ability to cope with challenges in life. Self-discipline is really the willingness to put some limitations on behavior in order to gain something or make life better. This comes from a desire to be healthy again.


Some of the benefits of self-discipline are evident right away, yet others take time to emerge. It is quite character building to focus on self-discipline tactics which really build the muscles necessary to journey through recovery from addiction. Some other benefits may include:

  • Greater mental fortitude
  • Stronger inner resources to push oneself and get motivated
  • Ability to stick with things to the end and boost self-confidence
  • Further personal education and be diligent about doing the work
  • Rewarding activities such as martial arts, yoga, etc can help build self-discipline

When a person is self-disciplined, recovery goes better because it has myriad benefits. It can help a person achieve success not previously thought possible. Maintaining sobriety usually requires a person to face difficult life changes and cope with them in new ways. Addiction is a complex process which takes over a person’s life and often includes factors beyond a person’s control.

One of the characteristics associated with addiction is the inability to delay personal gratification. Individuals who are not prepared to wait for things in life often struggle because life is about waiting for things to come. If a person is willing to do the hard work of delaying gratification, the end result can be very positive.

Self discipline can be built by:

  • Making it a daily habit
  • Develop a reward system that supports personal growth
  • Attending yoga, arts, meditation or other classes that build self-discipline
  • Put the work in that will help train the brain to be focused on gratitude and self control
  • Find others who are working in this area and develop self-discipline to spend time with those who are helpful in recovery. Avoiding people still in addiction will be hard but is better for recovery if a person wants to stay focused and away from triggers for relapse
  • Let go of guilt and shame by focusing on the positive aspects of personal accomplishments and look to move forward


Cypress Lakes helps you get motivated to develop the muscles it takes to stay focused in recovery. Self-discipline is a skill we help you incorporate with our mind, body, and spirit approach to recovery. Life is a balance and we aim to help enrich your life with our treatment program and resources with the support of professional staff. Call us to find out how you can achieve better balance and life skills in recovery: 866-217-2636