Sex addiction seems to have entered the mainstream dialogue recently with everyone from celebrities to neighbors sharing how sex addiction has been a challenge. Sex addiction is difficult for not only the person directly involved but others like family, friends and loved ones who stand beside that person. Knowing the symptoms of sex addiction can help family and others support that loved one who is struggling to seek help.


Sex addiction is a compulsive desire to seek sexual gratification at all costs. A compulsive behavior is one where self-control is compromised and the person may function highly in all other areas of life but cannot control impulses to act out sexually in different areas. This means the person will go against personal values, tastes and standards he or she might otherwise uphold to pursue sexual experiences. How the person feels about sexual activities may dramatically change post-discovery or upon confrontation by another person.

Symptoms of Addiction

Coming to terms with sexual addiction in oneself or in a loved one is one of the most challenging things a person will ever face. Addiction is a hard thing to grasp and hold onto, but the first step is to notice the symptoms, then come to grips with it and seek help. When a person struggles with addiction, everyone in the inner circle does, too. Here are some signs to look for when trying to decide if addiction has taken hold:

  • How compulsive is the activity?
  • How harmful or damaging is the behavior to self and others?
  • How much of a distorting effect does activity have on life as a whole?
  • Does the behavior persist to the detriment of all other things in life?
  • Does the person feel shame or guilt after pursuing the activity?
  • Have there been legal, work or relational repercussions?


Having a sexual addiction does not mean anything is wrong. There is nothing to be ashamed of, because coming to terms with the challenges of sexuality can create a crisis. Sometimes good things are born out of a crisis. Finding a healthy ending to a negative experience starts with admitting a problem exists. Once people do that, it is helpful to seek out counseling with professionals including (but not limited to) a professional rehabilitation facility who can provide all the tools and resources needed to facilitate greater change and recovery. Help is out there and it is available for those who seek to change. Sexual addiction does not have to have the last word when an individual recognizes the need for change and takes the next step to seek support and help.

Cypress Lake Recovery offers treatment for sex addiction. Our desire is to help you stop suffering from lack of control and find support. It takes courage to seek treatment. We are here to provide a safe place to share concerns and issues with sex addiction in order to recover and heal in a confidential setting. Call us to get started: 866-217-2636