A relapse is a difficult scenario for any person who struggles with addiction. It can affect confidence and bring shame. Recovery from relapse takes time and it is important to feel connected to a sense of purpose following relapse that is positive and focused on healing.


Take Action to Start Over

The following steps can be helpful when trying to start over.

Step One: accept relapse happened

This can be the most difficult step of all for people who have relapsed. Normally a person will not want to take the blame but it is not counter-productive. It is a way of seeking opportunity to release shame and take responsibility. The first thing to do is take relapse as a mistake that can happen and focus on the future.

Step Two: Act right away

After relapse, don’t hesitate to take action. This may compound the problem and prolong relapse. This brings unnecessary worry and stress. Get in touch with a 12-step sponsor and update the person on what happened. Making the call will be difficult but it is possible to get back on track when others have the individual’s back.

Step Three: Make a decision about detox

Depending on the length of relapse, a supervised detox program may help a person get back on track safely and effectively. Seek a medical assessment for level of dependence and include past medical history and drug use evaluation. Many times an effective detox minimizes discomfort of withdrawal which increases chances of recovery.

Step Four: Enlist support of close ones

Family and friends are vital to recovery success. Like with a recovery team, they are likely to notice changes. Facing family after relapse can be difficult but with unconditional love and support, it is possible to get through anything.

Step 5: Come back stronger

Don’t be afraid to come back fighting. It is not going to be smooth all the time. Recovery is a long journey that lasts a lifetime. Leaving it in the past is one way to look at it but it can still linger with emotions attached to it. One great way to look at it is change the outlook of relapse. Move away from thinking of it as failure and see it as a stepping stone to even greater success. Failure is often a precursor to an amazing breakthrough.


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