Motivation is a key component of any lasting recovery program, particularly in the early stages. It is easy to feel great when things are easy but when the going gets tough it can feel difficult to carry on. Motivation will be important along with stamina. The following tips are the key to keeping motivation high even when it feels hard.


Don’t Lose Hope

When a person loses hope, he or she loses the willpower to keep going. Any individual who has gone through addiction recovery knows it is hard to find ways of staying motivated when everything seems to be falling apart. The only way out is through and that includes finding the silver lining of hope through it all. Nothing ever comes easy in recovery, it can feel daunting but with the help of hope that things will get better, it can feel much less stressful. Some ways to build hope include:

  • Exercise to release endorphins
  • Laugh (often)
  • Find gratitude everyday
  • Seek support from those who provide positive reinforcement
  • Let go of negative thinking


Become Grateful

Gratitude is an excellent way to build motivational muscles for the long haul. It is hard to stay the course of a long distance marathon (recovery) when feeling frustrated by anyone and everyone or circumstances beyond a person’s control. Seek gratitude in the daily things of life like when a person compliments positive growth in a certain area. Gratitude is built brick by brick, day by day.


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