Addiction recovery has many ups and downs, strong emotions and work on the part of the individual in recovery. While good parts of recovery may feel amazing, the bumps can often feel overwhelming. Even with best intentions of avoiding relapse, it can get frustrating to relapse in spite of efforts made to quit.


Steps to Get Started

The following ten ways are just a few of the many to help bring hope to recovery and remind a person that it will get easier the longer recovery goes.

Attend a 12-step meeting

Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous are just a few of the 12-step groups available free of charge for people experiencing challenges.


Spending time serving others like in a homeless shelter or other place with vulnerable people reminds a person that loss and difficulty happen to many people. It may even remind an individual in recovery to stay focused on the right path and never give up hope

Create a gratitude list

It may be difficult at first but taking the time to write things out that a person is grateful for can bring comfort and peace. Keep writing until hope and love seem to exist more than despair or discouragement.

Work step four

Step four deals with fearless and moral inventory, which is about building hope in recovery. Assumptions, behaviors and perspectives can all shift with the help of focusing on taking responsibility for self-destructive thoughts to get back on track.

Talk to therapist

Speak with a therapist about what is going on and keep going to meetings. It helps to discuss what is happening and how day-to-day living is going. Sometimes it is hard so it helps to have someone to speak with about the ups and downs.

Speak with a sponsor

The sponsor will be vitally important in recovery. Express what is going on and seek an opportunity to learn from the sponsor’s experience to implement into one’s own life.

Be with friends

Friends play an important role in building a bridge towards a healthy recovery. They will always be there to support a person through life’s challenges so it is important to keep those friendships alive.

Addiction is challenging to work through but recovery is a journey. As long as a person has hope, there is a chance for recovery to stick. Finding a support network and a system that works is key to moving forward in a healthy way.


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