Addiction is multifaceted and is non-discriminatory. There are millions of people throughout the world struggling with addiction. Although many people have reached long-term recovery with help, countless others struggle under the weight of addiction. Finding strength to carry on and move forward takes time and persistence which comes with an unwavering willpower to conquer addiction every day.


Strength to Win

For many seeking help, addiction treatment feels daunting and scary. It is not like that at all, it is in fact one of the healthiest and most healing things a person with addiction can do for oneself. The following tips can help a person find strength during the toughest parts of recovery.

Be kind – in the past, the person may have beaten up him or herself over mistakes and addiction issues but it is important to realize everyone is human. It is normal to struggle in recovery and it is OK if the person does not succeed at first.

Acknowledge achievements – big and small achievements matter. Recovery is building block by block, moment by moment, day by day. No success is too small. Recognizing those achievements can help build and maintain morale.

Remember mistakes happen (and let go) – everyone makes mistakes and each person moves through recovery at his or her own pacing. There will be setbacks but those are not the end of the world. Each day presents new chances to learn.

Shift one’s outlook on life – each day begins with a positive outlook. You have the power to decide what you’re going to think about first. Don’t dwell on what can’t be changed or negative feelings. Accept what is and look ahead to what is good.

Avoid comparisons – each person struggles with addiction in a unique way and their recovery will be equally unique. Let go of comparison and focus on healing at one’s own pace.

Ask for help – help is available at any time a person decides to seek support. Many things such as public stigma, misconception and intolerance can make it difficult for people struggling with substance abuse to get needed help. Despite roadblocks, it is possible to find recovery support and flourish.


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