A walking meditation practice takes a few minutes per day but can go a long way to bringing addictive habits and mindsets into balance. With regular practice, the mind can be reigned in to find support and get focused on what matters. It helps to also practice breathing and relaxation without the use of illegal substances. Learn why it is important to give it a try for a healthy recovery.

How to Get Started

A great way to start walking meditation is to just start walking. Although it is not what is commonly thought of as meditation, walking can be an integral part of settling the mind into a meditative practice. To do the meditation, it is ideal to find a 20-30 foot space where the person can walk back and forth.  This can be barefoot or with socks and shoes on. Depending on where the person chooses to walk, it is typically advised to wear comfortable shoes or go barefoot when it feels comfortable.

The next step is to stand still at the end of the space and feel the feet pressing into the ground. As the earth grounds the feet in nature or into a carpet or floor, it can feel like it is pushing back up into the feet, further rooting the person in space. Lifting one foot up first, the person can begin slowly walking, feeling the sensation of moving through the air and again touching back down. As the person walks, focus completely on the sensation of feet going up and coming down with a slow, stillness. Thoughts will arise but it is helpful to not let the person become distracted. Return attention to the present, feel feet touching the ground and focus on the physical sensation present at the moment.

It can help to set a timer to get focused on the time allotted and not worry about getting lost or losing track of the time. Walking meditation is not just something people can pick up and do at the drop of a hat, it takes a few tries to get the hang of it. The main focus is on getting started where a person feels comfortable and has time. Many people want to reap benefits of walking meditation right away but it can take some time to really bring the mind into balance and focus while walking. It is not difficult and many people can do it, but to do it mindfully, with peace of mind and presence takes lots of practice.


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