Prescription drug addiction may be difficult to notice but it is important to understand early identification of addiction. Treatment of addiction early on can increase successful chances for recovery. Some common signs and symptoms can be helpful to identify to best support a loved one who needs help.


Identifying Drug Addiction

The following are some of the common signs of a prescription drug addiction:

  • Defensive actions when confronted about drug use
  • Exaggeration of symptoms to get more of the drug
  • Inability to cut back on or quit drug use
  • Inability to perform daily tasks
  • Mood swings
  • Preoccupation with taking or obtaining drug
  • Taking prescription drugs at higher doses or increased frequency
  • Withdrawal symptoms

A doctor who treats an individual on a regular basis may be able to accurately diagnose a prescription drug addiction. A physical exam is likely needed to properly assess and confirmation can come from scheduling a screening or assessment with a clinical therapist.


Prescription Drug Addiction

After addiction is identified, the next step is for an individual with addiction to select a rehab facility. Many prescription drug addiction’s are too challenging for an individual to cope with alone. Interventions sometimes work well in terms of getting a person with addiction to realize a problem even exists. Until then, it is difficult to get the person to seek help. The goal of an intervention is to address concerns about drug addiction. During an intervention, prescription drug addiction is addressed and the person is directly given the choice of whether to continue taking drugs or to seek help. Often, multiple interventions may be required before a person is finally ready to stop abusing prescription drugs.

Following prescription drug addiction intervention, a specialist will then provide an assessment on the person with addiction prior to treatment. This typically involves determination of the severity of addiction. Based on the person’s situation,  a treatment care plan is selected to provide individual support as well as intensive therapy and counseling. The goal is to offer the proper support so the individual feels connected to the right treatment options and aftercare plan when necessary. It is possible to overcome prescription drug addiction with the right support.


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