At Cypress Lake Recovery, we help clients create an active vision for their recovery in which their sobriety is their number one goal. After completing our programs of care, a client is ready to put their spiritual tools to work, effectively creating a sustainable lifestyle for themselves which comprehensively supports their recovery. Each phase of our three phase treatment focusing on mind, body, and spirit, translates into the daily way our clients conduct their lives. In addition, the priceless life skills they develop help them maintain all areas of their life through spiritual means, helping them find success in all that they do.


Our clients learn how to manage their emotions, thought patterns, and behaviors through empowering techniques which return their ability to choose. Gaining priceless self-knowledge through our therapy work, clients investigate old behaviors, work through trauma, and build themselves anew from the ground up. Healthy relationships are formed and re-formed through our intensive family therapy and programming, as well as our focus on fellowship and solidarity among program peers. A focus on accountability helps clients understand that the techniques they learn in treatment do not have to end once treatment ends, but that they continue accountability by continuing their treatment-learned practices.


The body has to heal in order to support the efforts of the healing mind and the developing spirit. We focus heavily on diet and nutrition as part of our second phase of treatment. In addition to private meal planning and individual work with a dietician, our clients undergo strength building and exercise to help their body regain its ability to live through daily life in a healthy way. Thanks to our unique and beautiful location in the rolling hillsides of Eastern Texas, our campus is full of outdoor opportunities for physical activity, from kayaking and yoga by the lake to hiking and nature walks. Our clients build value in connecting with their bodies through nature.


At Cypress Lake Recovery, we believe that our spiritual beliefs are what anchor us to our humanity. Feeding our spirit ensures that our mind and body are completely in sync which supports the integrative approach recovery requires for a holistic lifestyle. We do not promote any kind of spirituality in particular, instead encouraging clients to explore spirituality for themselves and define a spiritual discipline that works well for them. Part of our spiritual therapeutic approach includes regular practice of mindfulness and meditation.

Life Skills

Addiction and mental health can affect every area of someone’s life. Developing life skills outside of therapeutic work helps round out the recovery lifestyle, supporting recovery in all of the unsuspected ways.

  • Find fulfilling employment opportunities and maintain employment
  • Practice financial responsibility
  • Develop methods for modest and responsible living
  • Create life plans
  • Set goals
  • Learn home organization skills to create a lifestyle habit of cleanliness
  • Medication management


We provide excellence in addiction treatment at Cypress Lake Recovery. Taking a mind, body, and spirit approach to recovery, we craft a balance of life enriching treatment, wellness, and the development of healthy relationships. Balanced, confident, rejuvenated- our goals for you are simple. Call us today for information on our addiction treatment programs: 866-217-2636