Your body is the place in which you live. Everything about you takes place inside your body. However, you are not your body. Your body doesn’t define you but it is a part of you.


  • Place Your Focus Elsewhere: It’s easier said than done. Body image issues can feel like they are all consuming. You’re obsessed with the way you look and your idea of how that defines your self worth. All day you experience anxiety about what other people are thinking about your body and what your body is making them think about you. Part of the issue with body image issues is the obsessive thoughts about body image. Slowly, start to put your focus in other areas, either about yourself or about something else. Focusing your energy and effort on something that helps you build your confidence will help you build your body image more positively. Often, it is a lack of confidence, which typically results in low self-esteem and low self worth, that can be the source of body image issues. By creating more confidence in areas which don’t’ include your physical appearance, you will boost your self-esteem, thereby your body image.
  • Make Friends With The Mirror: When you live with body image issues, the mirror can be your worst enemy. For early recovery from body image issues, it might be the best thing to avoid the mirror for a little while. What will be more important is making friends with the mirror again. Use glass paint for car windows, dry erase markers, or even lipstick to draw on your mirror. Write body positive statements, inspiring quotes, and draw pictures. When you look in the mirror, you’ll be inspired to stay strong in your recovery.
  • Seek Therapy: Body image issues aren’t something we are born with. We have to learn what pretty and ugly, beautiful and not beautiful, acceptable and not acceptable, perfect and not perfect mean. Body image issues don’t happen on their own, they have to come from somewhere. Working with a therapist can help you identify the beliefs you have about appearance and the importance of appearance. You will be able to trace the history of your body image issues and find the sources of your negative self-image. Looking at the ways you enable your negative behaviors, you’ll be able to identify them more readily and approach them with compassion. Changing the way you think about body image requires understanding where your thoughts on body image came from, then you can start to take action to change your thoughts.



Body image can be a contributing factor to drug and alcohol addiction as well as mental health issues. If you are struggling, there is hope available. Cypress Lake Recovery offers excellence in addiction treatment and dual diagnosis treatment for body image issues. Our restorative programs treat clients mind, body, and spirit, bringing balance and confidence back into their lives. For information, call 409-331-2204.