Yoga is a part of treatment for drug addiction, alcoholism, and mental health recovery all over the world. The benefits of yoga are scientifically proven, but many remain skeptical. Here is what you need to know before you start yoga in treatment.


  • Stay Open Minded: You don’t know until you know. If you’ve never tried yoga before, you can’t know if you’ll like it until you try. Like anything new, you won’t likely be “the best” at yoga in your first class. In fact, you might struggle the whole time. That’s okay! Yoga is about meeting yourself where  you are at, focusing on the breath, and staying present. Staying present is made more challenging when you are being closed minded. Be open to the experience of yoga as a spiritual tool, a healing tool, and a tool for your recovery.
  • Bring The Essentials: There are some essential you will need during yoga, especially as a beginner. In treatment, you will likely have yoga mats, yoga blocks, and other practice essentials supplied to you. You might want to bring a towel to wipe the sweat from your eyes- because you will likely break a sweat. Though yoga is largely focused on breathing and stretching, there is also a lot of strengthening as well as detoxing. Yoga helps the body build energy, which builds heat, and results in sweat. Sweat can be dehydrating. In addition to bringing a towel to get rid of the sweat, you’ll want to bring a water bottle or two to compensate for the sweat. Staying hydrated is essential, especially during early recovery when you’re flushing out harmful toxins.
  • Learn About The Benefits: Yoga isn’t involved in treatment centers all over the world for fun, though fun can be a part of it. As the yoga craze has taken off worldwide, science has leant a curious eye. Numerous studies have been done on the effects of yoga on the brain and the body. Yoga actually reduces stress and many causes for heart failure.Yoga can reduce the symptoms of craving in early recovery as well as reduce symptoms of depression and/or anxiety. The modern science of yoga is fascinating as is the history. Yoga’s true purpose is to prepare the body for deep meditation and spiritual growth.



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