You’re Going To Heal Your Mind

When you go to treatment, it is a sign that your mind has fallen into ill health. Mental illness simply means that something has gone awry in the way your brain operates and the way you use your brain to relate to the rest of the world. Treatment and the many therapies within treatment are designed to heal your brain. Everything from cognitive behavioral therapy to yoga changes your brain chemistry. Multiple studies are being released per month which are based on brain imaging to demonstrate the efficacy of popular treatments for common issues like depression, anxiety, alcoholism, and addiction. In addition to the treatment methods themselves, being in treatment will heal your mind as well. During treatment, you will be required to maintain abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Each day your brain is going to heal a little bit more. As you progress through months of recovery, you will be amazed at the way your mind changes, your brain changes, and the way you feel in your own head changes.


You’re Going To Heal Your Body

Addiction and alcoholism affect the body. Consuming high amounts of drugs and alcohol is not sustainable for the body. Eventually, the body breaks down. In cases of severe addiction and alcoholism, there is a severe lack in proper diet, nutrition, and exercise. Without necessary vitamins, nutrients and minerals, the body loses strength. Weakened by substance abuse, the body gets sick or breaks down. Most treatment programs will include a private nutritionist or dietician who specializes in behavioral health nutrition. Supporting your diet with healthy, mental health-focused foods will help the body gain its strength back. Exercise classes, personal trainers, yoga, and other physical healing will aid the body’s restoration.


You’re Going To Heal Your Spirit

Spirituality in treatment can be controversial. Unless you are going to a specifically faith based treatment program spirituality is going to involve more universal themes. Your spirit is something that is a part of you. Your spirit is what makes you, you. It puts the twinkle in your eye, the smile on your face, and the lightness in your steps. Addiction and alcoholism break the spirit. You feel defeated, broken, and hopeless. Treatment is going to help you build a foundation of hope that things are going to get better- because they are.


Cypress Lake Recovery focuses on healing each client mind, body, and spirit. Our goal is to help each client find balance and confidence in recovery, leaving treatment completely rejuvenated and restored. For information on our residential treatment programs, call us today at 866-217-2636.