There are many realms of the internet. Most people live in the realm where Google dictates everything, from their searches to the advertisements they see on other websites. Normal webpages on the “normal” web can easily be accessed and hunted down by others. There is another area of the internet called the “Dark Web” which is full of websites, databases, and entire universes otherwise unseen from the regular internet. Drugs in normal life are sold in dark corners of dark alleyways, the seedy, shady, shanty parts of town nobody wants to go- unless they were looking for drugs. The “Dark Web” is full of those places. Referred to the “dark alleys” of the internet everything from guns, to information, to trade, to drugs can be purchased. It takes softwares and access codes, hiding your internet connection and masking your identity, to get into the dark web. Though drugs have been found for sale in the broad daylight of the rest of the internet, like on popular social media sites, they are also on the dark web, which is where investigators have been searching. With next-day delivery options, bulk amounts, and exotic choices, the dark web is a thriving marketplace of people wanting to sell people deadly drugs, like fentanyl.


Overseas Manufacturers


Fentanyl has been a private prescription for many years. Last year, overseas manufacturers in China got hold of old, discarded applications for patents by major pharmaceutical companies. Working with the formula for old versions of synthetic opioids, they were able to create analogs of the deadly drug. Names like Carfentanil, W-18, Pink, Gray Death, and others have stolen headlines as they’ve stolen lives. Currently, the US government is working closely with the Chinese government to try and crack down on the many labs and drug cartels producing these deadly opioid drugs.

As the drugs made their way through the tradewinds to other foreign shores, they were found by other drug cartels and dealers, which then came to the United States. Fentanyl is a clear, odorless, tasteless drug which can be lethal in an amount as small as a few grains of salt. Lacing other drugs like heroin, Xanax, and cocaine with fentanyl has caused a new craze of addiction, adding a new layer of devastation to the opioid epidemic.


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