Nature is all around us in some way, shape, or form. Mindfulness is a perfect practice for spending time in nature, which has been proven to enhance feelings of wellness.


  • Take Time For Appreciation: When we get excited or are running on a schedule, we have a natural tendency to just go. Feeling frantic and unsettled by the stressors of our everyday lives is often created because we do not fully complete or fully begin what we are doing. Instead, we just keep going from one to the other. From planning time in nature to packing for the trip, driving to nature, to getting ready for a nature activity, there are many moments to stop, breath, and take time for appreciation. Nature is our gift in life on earth to remove us from the hustle and bustle of man’s created life. Too often, we hurry through our activities then wonder why we don’t gain benefit or effect from them. Bringing yourself into the present moment instead of looking forward to what comes next will help you reap the many mental, physical, and spiritual rewards of spending time in nature. Reduced stress, body awareness, rich oxygen intake, and more, all come from being in nature.
  • Be Aware Of Your Senses: In nature, all of our senses are activated. We lay our eyes upon untouched beauty. We hear the beautiful sounds of silence and natural ambience. We smell fresh air, water, trees, and flowers. We can touch the many different textures of the natural world. We can taste how refreshing water is on a hike, how soothing a meal is at the end of the day, the sweat from playing outside. Throughout a day spent in nature, you can activate your senses by mindfully paying attention to each one and noticing what you experience in that time. 
  • Remember Moments Without Judgment: Digital technology has made remembering precious moments convenient. Nature and the full experience of being in nature cannot be captured by a camera or a device. Remembering moments without judgment means taking in pictures with the mind, noting the feelings and realizations of the experience. Without creating definitions, descriptions, or permanency, you take time to be in total awe of your immediate experience. Often, these are the small moments you remember the most clearly.
  • Learn As You Go: One of the best ways to get out of self and fully immersed into a nature experience is by learning about the nature you are in. Many parks and hikes come with a guide for identifying plants, learning about native cultures, and the history of the land. Learning about the experience we are having can create more meaning and bring a greater sense of awareness as well as appreciation.



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