Why do we do drugs? What entices us to consume potentially dangerous substances in increasingly dangerous ways? Active in our addictions, we lose sight of the “why” of addiction. Why did we seek them in the first place? Why did we continue to use them despite ongoing negative consequences? Developing life skills in recovery includes developing an understanding of our individual “why” of addiction. There are generalities in which many of us share a common bond. Individually, we each have a personal story full of our unique circumstances and needs which led us to our addictions. By gaining an understanding of why we used drugs, we can be confidently prepared to handle life’s challenges as well as triggers. Through restorative treatment and therapy we can walk through life without ever needing to turn to drugs and alcohol again.

We Do Drugs To Feel

It is easy to simply say we do drugs to feel “good”. However, the “feeling” many get from doing drugs transcends what “good” might mean. Euphoria, a heightened sense of joy, is a side effect of doing drugs. However, that good feeling is about more than the euphoric state itself. Many turn to drugs to feel something they aren’t capable of feeling. On the other hand, they might turn to drugs to feel the feeling of not feeling anything because they are used to feeling too much.

We Do Drugs To Be Spiritual

Ancient traditional drug practices still exist for the purpose of transcendental spiritual experience. Recovery is often regarded as a spiritual experience, which tends to give us exactly what we were always looking for in drugs. Achieving a heightened state of spirituality does not require drugs. Unaware that what we seek without can be found within, we turned to drugs.

We Do Drugs To Be Part Of

Feeling terminally on the outside of life, different from peers, and constitutionally unlike other people can feel like a life sentence. Drugs for many of us was a way to feel more like other people, to achieve what we thought was a “normal” state, and be a part of something greater than ourselves.

We Do Drugs To Rebel

We rebel against ourselves, our parents, our past, our partners, our society, our planet, our inescapable uncomfortable feelings. Drugs as a rebellion is an act of spite toward others which only hurts ourselves.

Why do we recover? Because we are capable of doing so. You are capable of overcoming your “why” of addiction as you create a “why” for recovery. At Cypress Lake Recovery, our goal is to help you become a more balanced, confident self, restored in mind, body, and spirit. For information on our residential treatment program in Eastern Texas, call us today at 866-217-2636.