Apprehending all of life’s difficulties isn’t always successful. Despite best efforts, life can continue to act on its own accord without notice of difficult times ahead. Using recovery tools for healthy coping ensures sobriety while encouraging the development of confidence for living.

Practice Breathing

Mindfulness is an essential tool in navigating all of life’s challenges. Breathing and practicing mindfulness connects us to the present moment and helps us find stability within it, no matter how difficult it might be. Often, difficult times are made more difficult by struggling with a hesitancy to be in the present moment. Clinging to the past or anxiously grasping for the future creates instability and mental distress. Taking just a few short moments to fully connect to the breath and practice mindfulness relieves stress and creates an authentic experience. Each moment makes way for the next. With a centered mind and balanced spirit, approach each of life’s challenges with a spiritual approach.

Utilize Therapeutic Tools

Treatment comes with vast amounts of information and practical tools for relapse prevention and managing emotions during difficult times. When learning about them, it might seem as though the time will never come to use them. If prompted to use them, they tend to come in very handy. Each day in treatment provides a different programming of group therapy and experiential activities in addition to alternative treatments which help create a “tool box” of ways to cope with difficult moments.

Talk To Someone

There is never failure in picking up the phone and reaching out for help. The day a call is made to a treatment center is a life changing moment for many people. It is a practice which can be put into application time and time again when acting upon one’s own recovery instincts simply is not enough.

Create Space For Wellbeing

Self-care might be the only way to cope with difficult moments sometimes. Without an answer or a solution, it might be best to take a few steps back and take care of the self before attempting to solve any other problems. Alternative and holistic treatments help clients discover what works best for them in providing healing and relaxation. Spending time writing, getting a massage, meditation, yoga, taking a walk through nature- whatever works to create wellbeing will be the right answer.
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