Treatment for most people is the beginning of a phase of discovery. Relapse is common in treatment, running at an estimated 40-60%. Many people who find their way to, or back to, treatment are discovering for the first time, or perhaps again, a brittle truth about their lives: they are addicted, and their lives have become unmanageable. What lies beneath the surface of addiction is yet to be discovered. Thinking about the future of recovery is extremely overwhelming at this point. Recovery planning and individualized treatment programs are the subtle yet effective way recovery is guided along, like a the subtle guide of an oar, guiding a canoe along a lazy current. In the beginning, people often cannot recognize what is ahead of them and all the incredible transformation which is about to take place. Gripped by symptoms of withdrawal, clenched by emotional pain, and wrought with guilt, as well as shame, there is little to consider beyond the next few minutes. Getting to treatment and making the decision to reach out for help is often the most into-the-future consideration someone is capable of at the time. Taking recovery slowly, in each present moment, is a mindfulness which will be cultivated over time through treatment.

After the initial detox period is over, the mind begins to clear. As areas of the brain slowly come back to life, they can begin to conceive greater ideas, conceptualize the future, and believe in more than impulse. Staying sober and active in recovery can be a lifetime achievement with the right tools and healing. By working with therapists and advocates in recovery, clients start to see how the fruition of their hard work in treatment will come to life. Continuously, the mind is being healed, the body is being healed, and the soul is tenderly being mended.

By the end of treatment the future will be bright. Little doubt will remain as to whether ongoing sobriety is possible. Plans for transitioning through other phases of treatment, finding a job, picking a safe place to live, and creating a network of support at home will be in place. Confident and rejuvenated, each client will have a better understanding of who they are, who they have been, and who they want to be. Most importantly, they will know that anything is possible in recovery.

Wherever you are, however you are, you are welcomed to Cypress Lake Recovery with open, loving, and accepting arms. Our unique vision for treatment will create the foundation of your new life in recovery by bringing together holistic and therapeutic healing into one integrative environment. For more information on our programs and services, call us today at 1-866-217-2636.