Working with clay demands attention. Whether molding the earth-created substance with one’s bare hands and putting oneself to the challenge of working with a wheel, it requires mindful attention. Art of any medium is becoming a popular form of stress reduction, mindfulness, and treatment. The meditative flow of working with material to create is helpful in focusing the mind from distracting, stressful thoughts. Clay is especially effective in creating a state of connectivity and tranquility. Wet and cool, made of earth, clay gets everywhere. Building a relationship with the material is like building a relationship with the self, and to live. To an extent, it can be molded, pounded, rolled, carved, smoothed, thrown, it can be too dry, it can be too wet. Clay is malleable, but it is also temperamental. Though working with clay is open to input, there are some techniques, rules, and methods which cannot be ignored. Such is the case with life, making working with pottery a perfect therapeutic metaphor. Life is open to interpretation, yet, as someone in recovery is discovering, there are some ways about life which cannot be changed. For example, one who has come to treatment has tried living with an addiction, actively abusing drugs and alcohol. Despite their best efforts and attempts, it never worked. Recovery is about learning to work with life rather than against it. Pottery work in art therapy helps enhance the understanding of this sentiment for clients- working with the clay produces results.

Creative Discipline For Life And Recovery

Life is not black and white. Colorful opportunities and messes abound. Always, there is a method for the madness. Creative discipline helps clients understand that life can be fulfilling and enriching when it is approached with a certain amount of discipline. In active addiction, there is a discipline as well, a certain routine which helps avoid detox or symptoms of withdrawal. However, life isn’t fulfilling or enriching when lived this way. For many, there is a complete lack of discipline in every other area of life; specifically, being able to enjoy it in a healthy and balanced way. Engaging in self-expression and creativity, clients learn to find their unique voice while fostering connections between mind, body, spirit, and life.

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